欢迎来到格伦伍德的beplay体育电子竞技, where commentaries are led by our belief that wealth management is not just about $$$–It includes values, 传统, 知识, 记忆, 还有更多.

Listeners will be rewarded with 幕后 views that touch on hot topics like Bitcoin and ARK Invest, while emphasizing teachable moments to help investors stay calm during the market’s ups and downs, decide if a fiduciary relationship is right for them, and gain a clearer understanding of life as a Glenwood client.


011:比特币,信誉, & 6Ds

它是合法的? Podcast commentary provides educated insight.

010:方舟投资 & Cathie Wood, Glenwood's unique journey

“Disruptive Innovation” is the name of the game. 认为“Netflix”, 例如, and how it’s movie access system completely disrupted Blockbuster’s video movie rental business. Listen to an insider’s view of the Ark Invest story.


For more than 23 years attorneys have referred us clients in need of our wealth management care and support.


The “Trust Factor” is at the heart of our ongoing attorney relationships.

007: Vast Institutional Resources

We work with a whole lot of talented people, but we get to choose. The great combination of formal ties to LARGE FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS and the INDEPENDENCE to select the services and expertise that we need enable us to serve clients to the fullest.

006: Initial Contact: What Happens then?

We describe how you’re treated at the point of introduction and how our process works.


If you want to know who we serve and how, listen in. Our minimum is “nice people”, and we serve them as financial life partners. 这是一个真实的例子.


These are what make us tick, and what make clients stick. 性格决定一切.


饼切? 不,谢谢. Customization is what we all want and deserve.


里克·麦克尔罗伊 explains the reward to risk discipline that beplay体育电子竞技 uses in their investing analysis for their clients.

001: GFP简介

里克·麦克尔罗伊, 共同管理合作伙伴, explains the straightforward approach that beplay体育电子竞技 takes with their clients and their investing.

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We note at the outset that the word “Partners” was intentionally incorporated into the firm name “beplay体育电子竞技” because the founders of the firm believe, 客户也有同感, that it best describes the nature of their relationships with clients.

Rick and Michael’s greatest motivation is their desire to help people, and that desire relates to both managing the vast complexities of the financial world and sharing the joys and navigating the stresses of everyday life. 相应的, they routinely refer to their work as financial “life” management, and their podcasts repeat the mantra: “It’s Not Just About Money.”


自2003年合作以来, Rick and Michael have served as fiduciaries in meeting each client’s unique circumstances and locations, ranging from the professional offices of law firms and corporations to the hot and dusty summer fields of hard-working farmers. The mission is to meet people where they are in life for the purpose of providing wealth management services that achieve the highest levels of customized investment management and real-life solutions.

Join our podcasts for first-hand introductions to our firm, 我们的人民, 我们的服务, 和我们的知识, 经验, 和价值观. We also cover a variety of topics, 从更及时的, such as “Bitcoin” and “Disruptive Innovation,最基本的, such as “fiduciary advisors” and “customized solutions.”

We hope you’ll be empowered with 知识 and purpose.